A servant’s life

When researching your ancestor, wherever they lived or whatever occupation they were engaged in, it is important to place them in the context of the area in which they lived. In this blog I will look at three girls, Fanny Brewin, Mary Pooler and Nympha Johnson, who were engaged in domestic service in Fletton, Huntingdonshire.Continue reading “A servant’s life”

Death Cometh as a Thief in the Night

For this month’s blog we will take a look at what an amazing amount of information you can glean from a memorial inside a church when you look at the wider context. We will go inside St. Margaret’s church, Fletton and take a look at two memorials which commemorate father and son Henry William andContinue reading “Death Cometh as a Thief in the Night”

The Census and Fletton

I hope that you completed your census return last March! The census is an important document to record your family at a given point in time for the future. But in many ways, I found it a hollow experience. As I entered my family’s details, on my laptop, I knew that in generations to comeContinue reading “The Census and Fletton”

Marriage Bonds and Allegations

I always find it fascinating how much information can be found in a single source, how it can add to what we already know about an individual and the time in which they lived. The source I am going to concentrate on for this blog is the ‘London and Surrey, England, Marriage Bonds and Allegations.Continue reading “Marriage Bonds and Allegations”