My approach is a simple one, which is guaranteed to give you complete piece of mind.

The services that I offer do not come as packages. I offer a unique tailor made service that is built around your requirements.

I recommend that we start with an initial free consultation. This can last up to an hour and can take place in person, on the telephone or via zoom. During this time we can look at the information you already have, both written, pictorial and oral, assess what information you would like to find out, and jointly agree a plan of action.

My grandmother’s birth certificate

As the service is tailor made any budget can be catered for. From visiting a church or cemetery to take a photograph to creating a full family history narrative with pedigrees, no project is too big or too small.

Examples of services include:

Visiting a records office, church or cemetery to find some information or take a photograph.

Researching a local village or town, taking photographs and producing a local history that is relevant to your family.

Conducting a walking tour of a particular area with your family history in mind.

Researching and drawing a pedigree chart of your direct ancestors, taking you back to your gt gt grandparents.

In addition to a pedigree chart you might want a focused narrative of one of your ancestors. This would include important local and national events.

In addition to a pedigree chart you might want a full narrative of one line of descent. This would include important local and national events.

All research is accompanied by a full report. This details the results of all searches undertaken. It is often just as important to know what information cannot be found as what information that can be found.


Research vouchers.

What an amazing gift to give, the joy of family for that special occasion. I would discourage the commissioning of a family tree for anyone except your closest relations. This is twofold; firstly you never know what unexpected event may be found that your relative may not be prepared for and secondly you never know what valuable information they may already have. It is far better to purchase a voucher and let them have the enjoyment of the process themselves. A voucher for £50 is usually sufficient to trace most individuals direct line of descent back to their gt gt grandparents, using the census records and parish records, and to have a pedigree drawn known as a seize quartiers. There is of course no guarantee that all information or lines will be traced. Some ancestors are very stubborn about being found in the records, no matter how hard we try.

Alternatively if your friend or relation has always wanted to research their family tree buy them a voucher for a one to one tuition session with a difference. The time we spend together can be tailored to suit their previous experience but is ideal for someone first starting out on their family history journey. We might build the basics of their family tree together, learn how to use one of the online family history sites, try to build on any existing research they may have completed or draw a pedigree using a computer program. To finish the session we will enjoy morning coffee or afternoon tea together and celebrate their successes. Please contact me to enquire further about this unique gift.

Terms and conditions

My full terms and conditions are available on request. But to summarise the main points.

My fee is £20 per hour. The potential time a project will take will be discussed in the free consultation. If the project is a lengthy one regular updates will be given. Unfortunately not all searches are successful, this is an unavoidable part of family history research.

In addition to the hourly fee the costs of certificates, travel and photography passes is extra.

The pedigree and reports are produced electronically at no additional cost.

Where a hard copy is required there is a wide variety of formats available from attractive binders to coffee table books. If this option is required then this can be discussed at the initial stage.

Your privacy is paramount and no information will be disclosed at any time to any third party.

Please Contact me to discuss your requirements. Dr Sadie McMullon